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You Just Found the Best Place on Maui to Take Guitar Lessons

Maui Guitar School is the only Guitar School on Maui that offers Custom Guitar Lessons built for each individual students goals. Starting from day one students enter into a life-changing process. From working on and mastering the basics like chords (harmony) and scales (melody) to perfecting the nuances of improvisation, songwriting, and guitar phrasing (making the guitar “talk”), Maui Guitar School will take you through the process, step-by-step, until you’re playing at the next level and exceeding what you even thought was possible for your guitar playing!

Benefits of Enrolling in Maui Guitar School

  • Learn complete songs and pieces of music instead of fragments and never finishing things!
  • Learn how to Solo Expressively using pentatonic and modal scales and techniques in a fluid and creative way!
  • Develop your “musical ear” and learn the keys to knowing what notes sound like before you even play them, giving you a huge advantage when improvising, soloing and songwriting!
  • You can trust that everything you are working on is moving you closer to your goals and dreams for your guitar playing!
  • Learn how to actually use and apply the things you work on instead of just learning random things that don’t fit together!
  • Build speed in your playing beyond what you even thought was possible!
  • Play guitar with “Feeling” and really bring out Emotions in your listeners when they hear you play!
  • Learn key techniques for performing, over-come stage fright once and for all and OWN THE STAGE!
  • Become ultra-highly motivated to play guitar and practice to become better using secret guitar practice strategies!
  • So much more...

Your Guitar Playing is about to get A WHOLE LOT BETTER

“Give me one guitar lesson and I’ll show you why lessons at my Guitar School are a cut above your average guitar teacher.”


Ryson – Intermediate Guitar Student at Maui Guitar School

Erik, man, I don’t even know where to start, He’s totally led me down the right road, thats for sure.  I look forward to weekly lessons.  I’m way more confident when I play and I really see this leading somewhere awesome.

Jan – Intermediate Guitar Student at Maui Guitar School

I’ve been taking lessons with Erik at Maui Guitar School for almost 2 years now, it’s great!  I took lessons years ago and he really helped me get back into.  I play my guitar everyday now and I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Maui Guitar School!

Jonny – Advanced Guitar Student at Maui Guitar School

Trust me, if you’re holding yourself back you really need to just go for it.  It’s a little intimidating at first but I realized it was all in my head.  Erik’s program is damn near perfect.  I just stick to the script and I’m playing in ways I really didn’t think were possible.  Highly recommend this for Intermediate players!

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About Maui Guitar School (And Maui’s Premier Guitar Coaching)

Maui Guitar School was founded on PURE Ambition, Drive, Persistence and Resilience, and an ongoing, ever growing passion for providing the best, most reliable results in guitar instruction here on Maui. It is Our Mission to be the best possible choice when it comes to Professional Guitar Instruction on Maui.

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Not Only Is This Possible, It’s POSSIBLE for YOU!  I’ve Helped Hundreds of Other Guitar Players Just Like You.


You can do this!  You can learn to play guitar in the incredible ways you’ve always wanted!  But don’t just take my word for it.

I offer a FREE Consultation Lesson where you and I will sit down at the Guitar School and go over all the details.

I promise you this is a relatively pain-less process and you’ll be glad you at least took advantage of this FREE opportunity.


CALL ME AT:  808-339-2633

Ask for Erik, and lets schedule your FREE Introductory Session at the School.  From there we’ll come up with the perfect plan for you and the results you’re looking for.  I’ll see you at Maui Guitar School.  Aloha